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Like no other mattress, the Oceania Cruises Bed Collection™ mattress’ unique pillow top is constructed from quilted Anthros fabric with aromatized Camomile fiber and super comfort water gel.

The zip-n/zip-out pillow top can be removed at anytime giving you a 2 in 1 mattress.
Engineered using our patented Water Gel and special pocket box spring system, the Prestige Tranquility mattress boasts 7 different supporting zones with 400 individually placed springs.

These key elements combine to provide you with the best sleep you ever had.

Manufactured by Matermoll Srl Made in Italy.

Please note: Regent Seven Seas cruise ships also carry the Tranquility mattresses.

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  • Seven-zone mattress featuring 400 encapsulated springs and two inches of memory foam
  • A two-inch-thick, gel-filled “pillow top” cushion wrapped in chamomile-infused fiber
  • Elegant soft crystal white quilted design
  • Air vents for better air circulation
  • Easy to clean with easy move handles
  • Manufactured by matermoll, an italian company with a 50-year reputation for quality craftmanship
  • 20-year certified warranty
  • A truly magnificent and luxurious sleep experience
  • Delivered in the comfort of your home

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Weight 200 lbs

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Box Spring Set ($150 – $210), Box Spring Set ($150 – $210), No set

1 review for Oceania Cruises Bed Collection Tranquility Mattress

  1. BillnSue

    It has been 7 years since our Alaska Oceanic cruise. We purchased the bed and bedding as soon as we got home. It’s amazing that we still get into bed and remark, “So glad we purchased this bed!”

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