Oceania Cruises Micro Memory pillow


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Micro memory foam to adhere best to your conform feel.
Made in italy with care.

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Made with Micro Memory foam to adhere best to your conform feel.

Manufactured by Matermoll Srl
Made in Italy with care.

Additional information

Weight3.5 lbs
Dimensions18 × 13 × 6 in

King 20 x 36, Queen 20 x 30

14 reviews for Oceania Cruises Micro Memory pillow

  1. Erik Jones

    For the first time in over 20 years, I have slept and awoke in a better condition. At my job, I’ve encouraged all my coworkers to invest in their health by purchasing this excellent pillow.

  2. Lauren Dirrenti

    Thoroughly satisfied with my king pillows. A great match for my Ultra Tranquility mattress. Great nights of rest.

  3. Diane

    This pillow is really comfortable. I have a short neck and a side sleeper and it is perfect for my head and neck. Very happy with my purchase.

  4. Leonid

    Bought two of them and really happy, bot wife and I

  5. Linda

    I am a roller and during the night I change positions a lot. This pillow moves with me and I sleep better than I have for quite awhile.

  6. Sean

    This pillow is amazing. Right out of the box, once I fluffed it up, it was big and fluffy and firm. A bit too much for my sleep style, but that was easily fixed by pulling out the right amount of fill and a little bit of experimentation. Now it is exactly the way I want it, and man oh man, it is the best pillow I’ve ever had.

  7. Marissa

    I honestly thought it was my mattress causing all my neck pain in the morning and was really considering replacing a year-old mattress but it was clearly my old pillows. This one is amazing because you can customize it exactly to what you need. It took a night or two to get it perfect but now I wake up pain-free!

  8. Gina W

    Very pleased with these, I’m really liking the goose feathers and down combo

  9. Travis S

    I am keeping the pillow, but with it was a little firmer. Good price, great fabric quality.

  10. Amber T

    The person I bought it for really likes it.

  11. Dell H

    Very soft like sinking into a cloud of air. Floating into the “Heavenlies”. Very Very pleased.

  12. Michael Hodgman

    Have wanted more/new pillows. And these have absolutely made me happy! Haven’t had such a great sleep in what feels like forever.

  13. Jane Powers

    These pillows are soft and fluffy and still are great for side sleepers

  14. Lewis H

    I have purchased many memory pillows in the past from many different brands and designer stores. So far these are my favorite, I like how this pillow hugs and cradles my head, very good support

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