Oceania Cruises Water Gel Pillow


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Made with new Water-based Gel foam for a soothing and refreshing feel.

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Made with new Water-based Gel foam for a soothing and refreshing feel.

Manufactured by Matermoll Srl.
Made in Italy with care.

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Weight3.5 lbs
Dimensions18 × 13 × 6 in

King 28 x 17

8 reviews for Oceania Cruises Water Gel Pillow

  1. Gary Philips

    It has been years since I have found a good pillow. Years ago, when we purchased our mattress here, we bought the pillows from another company. Now, I’ve decided on this one. No, I do t like paying $100 for a pillow, but considering I’ve paid 50 and less for many others with good reviews and ended up having to get something else because I hated it, I’m happy to report that this was worth the money and I love it. Will probably get one for my wife too.

  2. G. Gale

    In the past two years, I’ve purchased about 23 pillows, always sending them back within a week. This is the only pillow I’ve not sent back. I’ve not woken up to neck pain since getting this pillow. The only thing that would make this pillow better, would be if the pillow had a slight indentation in the middle to allow a slighly better angle of the head.

  3. Jocelyn

    It’s good for sleeping as it helps with my neck aches and the pillow doesn’t go flat as compared to other pillows.

  4. Sassus

    what an awesome pillow. i agree with all reviews that you have to be patient til you get the water level right. best night sleep in years. my chiropractor recommended it.

  5. Sarah

    Pillow is very comfortable and helps with my neck pain. Tried a memory foam chiropractic pillow first and it did not work for me. This is so much better. The water is more supportive but still let’s your head sink in a little and it has a nice layer of padding on top. Worth the cost.

  6. Carlos

    This water gel pillow really makes sleeping well possible. Slipped disk in my neck is tough to find pillows for but this does the trick.

  7. Tony D.

    Purchased this water gel pillow by mistake, tried it out but not my cup of tea. At least the return process was easy.

  8. David J

    I don’t like big bulky pillows that lift my head to high. With this pillow I feel I can lay my head flat yet still have enough support, would recommend

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