Oceania Cruises Comfortel Anatomical TRIS Pillow


Comfortel anatomical tris pillow : the three in one pillow, one side is softer , one side is harder, the other side is for you to try and make it intothe best rest full pillow available in italy. Watch television or read a book by resting your head onto the hearder side & rest and sleep onto the softer side or vice versa – what ever suits your comfort
made in italy with care.

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A unique Three-in-one construction pillow: soft, harder and pliable sides available only on Oceania & Regent cruises.

Manufactured by Matermoll Srl.
Made in Italy with care.

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King 20×36 $99, Queen 20×30 $79

  • What our clients are saying

    The nights we slept on our cruise on Oceania Cruises have been the best nine nights of sleep ever.

    Mr. & Mrs. Anderson

    I had our best sleep ever while on board and I decided I had to have the same comfort at home!

    Jeff Bowlsby

    I was on the Oceania Riviera in a penthouse suite and your mattress was truly superb. That’s why I purchased this exact quality mattress in a king size.

    Barry Todes