Oceania Cruises Comfortel Anatomical TRIS Pillow


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Comfortel anatomical tris pillow : the three in one pillow, one side is softer , one side is harder, the other side is for you to try and make it intothe best rest full pillow available in italy. Watch television or read a book by resting your head onto the hearder side & rest and sleep onto the softer side or vice versa – what ever suits your comfort
made in italy with care.

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A unique Three-in-one construction pillow: soft, harder and pliable sides available only on Oceania & Regent cruises.

Manufactured by Matermoll Srl.
Made in Italy with care.

Additional information

Weight3.5 lbs
Dimensions18 × 13 × 6 in

King 20 x 36, Queen 20 x 30

4 reviews for Oceania Cruises Comfortel Anatomical TRIS Pillow

  1. Christinne Ricci

    This pillow is comfy and supportive. A lot of pillows I find are just too fluffy but don’t support your head. This one is the perfect middle ground.

  2. Rena Christensen

    All it took was one night sleeping on this pillow to convince me I wanted one at home. Great for my neck on the double side.

  3. Charlie W.

    Never heard of these Anatomical Tris pillows but thought I’d give them a try. They were quite comfortably to my surprise and I decided to keep them , might even buy a second pillow.

  4. Mike Saunders

    I like the combination of a hard side and soft side of this pillow, I use this pillow more than the rest I have at home

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